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Motorcyclist awarded £150,000 for injuries in road accident

A motorcyclist who was seriously injured in a road accident has been awarded £150,000 compensation.

The 58-year-old man was riding his bike alongside a queue of traffic when he collided with a van that cut across him. He was thrown into the air and fell on to the road, fracturing his pelvis.

Motorcyclist awarded £150,000 for injuries in road accident

He underwent surgery but it’s thought unlikely that his injuries will ever heal fully and he will continue to experience some pain.

He initially required approximately three hours’ care assistance from his wife and daughter, especially when dressing and showering. His wife later returned to work part-time but continued to care for him.

He was absent from his work as a welder for approximately four months after the accident.

When he returned he could only perform light duties for three months and then worked reduced hours. As a result, he was earning less money, was unable to work overtime and was unable to meet production targets that he had previously met.

Because of his injuries, he was also unable to continue with some of his hobbies such as bungee jumping and DIY work.

The driver of the van admitted liability for the accident and the motorcyclist was awarded £150,000 in an out-of-court settlement.

This was to cover his pain and suffering, loss of earnings and future medical costs.

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